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I’ve worked with them a couple times in the past two years on separate projects. Brandon is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and professional. This company really knows what they are doing and you walk away knowing you are in good hands. They really helped us through a couple rough spots we were in with some mold. I highly recommend considering Mold Inspection Sciences!

(From Yelp – 5 Star Review!)

Jack V. — Seattle, WA

Gerry was amazing – we started to notice our wood floors turning black from underneath, so we assumed we had water coming in from somewhere and didn’t want to start pulling up the flooring to find out where before we understood if the black rot/mold was hazardous. Mold Inspection Sciences promptly scheduled a visit, arrived exactly on time, and Gerry was very professional and friendly.

As a fairly new homeowner, I like to understand and learn what’s happening, and Gerry was really gracious about letting me follow him around and explaining everything he was doing. He even responded to my hypotheses around where the water was coming from with whether that was consistent with the rot/mold he was seeing, which really helped us narrow down what was causing the damage. It was not his job to find where the water was coming from (and he was really good about not offering advice or making suggestions about areas or that aren’t his expertise), but it was extremely helpful to hear his point of view, as a mold expert, on whether my various theories were likely to have caused this type of discoloring. He was also really great with our cat, who can be pain and likes to hover when strangers are in the house.

Overall, Gerry was super thorough, answered all my questions, was nice to my cat, and helped me understand what areas I should be concerned about. Can’t ask for more from a home inspection professional!

(From Yelp – 5 Star Review!)

Liz S. — Seattle, WA

After shopping around and reading consumer awareness reviews, I found that MIS met my needs the best in terms of competitive rate and services for both mold inspection/testing and allergen testing. Using Thumbtack also helped to get a fair discount on the suggested cost!

It was a pleasure working with Mold Inspection Sciences thus far (I have not gotten the results of testing yet). Getting initial quotes and information on the phone was a breeze. The representatives were very helpful and informative. On the day of the tests, I worked with Gerry, a senior inspector. He arrived promptly and took the time to first discuss with me his professional experience and insights and then walk me through the inspection and testing steps. Throughout the process and provided good advice on specific contingencies and was very attentive to my questions and concerns. He was really well organized, courteous, and professional. He is somebody who really strives to ensure your getting the best value and professionalism for your money. I would highly recommend Gerry for you job!

(From Thumbtack – 5 Star Review!)

Ashwin B. — Seattle, WA

I currently have a severe mold problem in the guest bedroom of my condo unit. I called Mold Inspection Sciences and was able to book an inspection appointment right away. The inspector, Gerry, met me at my condo two days later. Gerry was prompt (in fact, he arrived early), polite, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable and professional. The inspection went quicker than anticipated, and was as pleasant as could be given the inconvenient circumstances of having to deal with a mold problem. As promised, the report was delivered to me on time (within 3 business days), and was extremely thorough and well worth the money spent. I highly recommend Mold Inspection Sciences.

(From Yelp – 5 Star Review!)

Ian P. — Seattle, WA

I called Mold Inspection Sciences regarding some water damage to my condo unit and Gerry came out and inspected it within 3 days. I appreciated the quick appointment and his simple explanations. He did a thorough job and the reports that came back were easy to read and understand. Thank you very much for your professionalism. I highly recommend this company.

(From Yelp – 5 Star Review!)

Mary B. — Everett, WA

I asked for inspection in two bathrooms, one over the other. He also looked at another room that is under the upstairs bathroom, to inspect for any prior water leakage.

From the initial contact through to the final report, they were very professional. We knew from the beginning what the charges would be, and what additional charges there would be if they did testing. The inspector was early (which was great). He used a moisture meter in both bathrooms to determine whether or not there was mold behind the walls. He also used it on the floor, uncovering the fact that we have another issue in one bathroom. He took air samples, and we received our results from that test in 4 days’ time. All actions were explained very clearly, and I was given ample opportunity to ask questions.

(From Angie’s List Member. Angie’s List overall grade for project: A)

Lisa M. — Shoreline, WA

Technician (Gerry Young) [was] very professional and informative. When he left I had no questions regarding the procedure, testing, or cost. The office personal was great as well. All aspects of the job from the how, when, why and cost were explained clearly. NOT PUSHY
(From HomeAdvisor member.)

Paula J. — Covington, WA

Gerry was very professional and went above and beyond to answer questions and help address the problems in our home. A+ and highly recommended company.

(From HomeAdvisor member – 5 star review!)

Clayton M. — Federal Way, WA

MIS came out and inspected our home for mold, sent appropriate samples in for testing and then followed up with an excellent, easy to understand report with suggestions for repairs.

The inspection and follow up were better than we expected! One nice thing is that this company ONLY does the inspection and testing, they do not perform any clean up so there is no self interest in suggesting a lot of repairs so they would benefit.

Highly recommend them!

(From Angie’s List Member. Angie’s List overall grade for project: A)

Thomas C. — Bellevue, WA

Checked the whole house for signs of mold. Air quality tests and mold tests.

Gerry Young did a thorough job. Great explanations for what exactly he was doing and why. Received the Mold Report on the day it was to arrive and received a follow-up call regarding the report.

We are now in the process of requesting a few estimates for the remediation. We will let Mold Inspection Sciences, Inc. when the remediation is complete and they will come and check the remediation services performed.

(From Angie’s List Member. Angie’s List overall grade for project: A)

Rebecca V. — Auburn, WA

Inspected entire house, inside and out, and ran 3 tests for mold.

Inspector was thorough, cordial, knowledgeable, forthcoming with information and seemed to enjoy his job. We received reports 3 days later on the situation at our home.

(From Angie’s List Member. Angie’s List overall grade for project: A)

Charles B. — Kenmore, WA

Checked for mold/mildew in my basement.

There was a musty, mildewy smell in one part of my basement. They did a visual inspection, tested with a moisture sensor, took air samples, etc. After a few days the sample results came back, and I had no mold! There are just some fairly straightforward things I need to do to prevent moisture in my basement, but nothing serious which is what I had thought. The gentleman performing the inspection was very informed and provided great answers to all my questions. He even came on a Saturday! It was well worth the money spent to have this service done.

(From Angie’s List Member. Angie’s List overall grade for project: A)

Cheryl S. — Shoreline, WA

Air test both inside & outside apartment to test for mold due to musty smell. Test came back OK for air quality however there may be possible leaking of pipes where carpet smelled damp by plumbing in kitchen.

Staff scheduling appointment was very prompt to make us an appointment and very friendly. Inspector was very nice and walked us through the whole process. He offered to answer any questions and very professional.

(From Angie’s List Member. Angie’s List overall grade for project: A)

Kayla T. — Marysville, WA

[Mold Inspection Sciences] went under crawlspace, looking for mold.

Gerry Young was very thorough and after inspection, gave us some helpful hints. He took photos from underneath, so we could see what he was talking about. He was very good at answering any of our questions and concerns. Very pleased with the service he gave us.

(From Angie’s List.)

Marilyn E. — Renton, WA

[Mold Inspection Sciences] checked our crawl space for mold.

Musty smell appeared in our crawling space that we use for storage. Mold was the first suspect. We never had experience with mold before. So we decided to invite a professional to check the crawling space for mold.

Mold Inspection Science of Settle responded promptly to our phone call and scheduled inspection within a week. They provided their pricing information and short description of the process. Later they followed up with confirmation email that contained the same info.

Their inspector came on time to conduct a very thorough inspection, told us about his conclusions and suggested what actions to take. Written report will be sent to us via email within a week.
We are very pleased with professionalism and integrity of this company.

(From Angie’s List Member. Angie’s List overall grade for project: A)

Nora R. — Bellevue, WA

Completed a limited mold inspection in a residence.

No evidence of mold or moisture in bedrooms. No signs of mold or moisture, such as, blistering or discolor of walls in bedrooms. Water on floor in bathroom around toilet was identified. Inspector recommended that wax o-ring around toilet be replaced.

(From Angie’s List Member. Angie’s List overall grade for project: A)

Richard C. — Burien, WA

Very informative and quick to respond to my initial call. You can’t go wrong with them.

(From HomeAdvisor member – 5 star review!)

Katherine W. — Seattle, WA

Thorough inspection of the house, surface and air samples.

Mold Inspection Sciences was very responsive and one of their Senior Inspectors, Gerry Young, came to our house within 2 days. He performed a thorough inspection of the house and was a very helpful resource in deciding on the scope of the testing he performed. Gerry conducted himself very professionally and clearly knew what he was talking about. The testing was done within few days and we received the results by e-mail and via a telephone call on the day that was promised. In addition, they recommended two companies for the mold remediation. Very positive experience – I would not hesitate to use their services again.

(From Angie’s List Member. Angie’s List overall grade for project: A)

Andreas K. — Seattle, WA

Very good tech [Gerry Young] explained the process to us and provided us with options throughout the test.

(From HomeAdvisor member – 5 star review!)

Julia R. — Bothell, WA

On time. Answered all my questions. Discussed testing and suggest treatment. Tested suspected mold spores is small office area. No reference experience for pricing.

(From Angie’s List Member. Angie’s List overall grade for project: A)

David R. — Lake Forest Park, WA

Very responsive to our initial inquiry and explained how their service works. They assigned an inspector to us and scheduled him quickly to meet with us according to our schedule. Gerry Young arrived promptly as scheduled (surprising as the property is located out on Vashon Island), performed his inspection and was done within 1.5 hours. He took photos that he shared with us on site and samples of areas of concern for further testing to send to the lab (which he specifically explained to us the reasons why they were areas of concern). We found Gerry to be very personable and knowledgeable.

We received the test results back from the lab in a timely and professional manner. In addition to a full written report, we also received a summary phone call of the results with encouragement to connect with them directly with any questions. Suggestions and recommendations for next steps were clear and reasonable. We would use them again and will recommend them to others.

(From Angie’s List Member. Angie’s List overall grade for project: A)

Jan S. — Seattle, WA

Inspected our condo for mold. Only symptom was odor and dampness around windows in our bedrooms.

It went very well. The initial telephone contact was informative. The technician arrived on time and did the testing as described by the office manager. The best aspect of the inspection was the clear information we were given about mold and how it behaves in walls and window areas. When the test came back showing a minimal ( low ) amount of suspected mold we were given more time and explanation of the findings. We were satisfied that we have little to worry about and the odor is easier to handle now that we have been educated. Having the testing done by an independent service from remediation service makes a lot of sense. Especially now that we don’t have to invest any more money in the problem.

(From Angie’s List Member. Angie’s List overall grade for project: A)

Patty S. — Seattle, WA

Conducted a visual assessment and laboratory analysis of the mold growing in the attic space, as well as additional assessment throughout the house. Identified problem causing the mold (improper ventilation) along with recommendations for mold remediation and suggestions for ventilation repair.

Took the time to answer questions personally and over the phone. Very professional and would absolutely use this company again.

(From Angie’s List Member. Angie’s List overall grade for project: A)

Kim D. — Kirkland, WA

MIS was great. They found problems we didn’t know we had and were very thorough. Their report was extremely detailed and they take the time over the phone to explain everything. I would definitely use them again.

(From HomeAdvisor member – 5 star review!)

I am very pleased with the service I received from Mold Inspection Sciences. I got an appointment right away and the technician Gerry was extremely thorough. He found problems we had no clue about and will hopefully save the property owners a lot of money in the long run. He found 3 leaks that the maintenance person missed and even some corrosion on the water heater. He didn’t try to push for testing that wasn’t necessary and performed additional tests that I requested. He has building experience and understands how things should be built and why mold would be growing as a result of building mistakes or from leaks, etc. The air and surface samples took 3 days and Brandon patiently explained the results over the phone. The reports are very thorough.

For us, dealing with mold issues has been an unpleasant, draining experience. We just wanted someone to come and assess the problem and feel confident that we’d have all the information necessary to deal with it. And that is what we got with Mold Inspection Sciences. I highly recommend their services. (From Yelp)

Connie D. — Gig Harbor, WA

Fast response, very informative, both via phone and in a very helpful email summary. Technician [Gerry Young] was knowledgeable, friendly and efficient.

(From HomeAdvisor member – 5 star review!)

Jennifer C. — Renton, WA

Thank you for the super fast service and the outstanding report! We will refer you to anyone we know that may have a mold problem.

Lisa G. — Seattle, WA

I wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know how much we enjoyed working with Mold Inspection Sciences. My wife and I were relieved to know that our problem was easy to remedy. Thanks for the great mold inspection report and service.

Tom S. — Bainbridge Island, WA

We were very impressed with your company, and Gerry did a GREAT job with the inspection!

Allan S. — Seattle, WA

Thanks for taking the extra time in our home. We were especially concerned about our young daughter’s room. You found the mold and the water that caused it. Thanks again for helping us get our house back to normal, safe, and mold free!

Alexander B. — Tacoma, WA

We called 4 companies before calling Mold Inspection Sciences. You were the first ones to answer the phone! We received great service from that very first phone consultation. Thank you.

Mary W. — Tacoma, WA

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Super thorough, answered all my questions, was nice to my cat, and helped me understand what areas I should be concerned about. Can't ask for more from a home inspection professional!

Liz S. - Seattle, WA

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